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High Noon Humbuckers

Designed by Greenville Pickups and Chuck Wepfer

High Noon Humbucker pickups were designed to increase the warmth and mids of the neck pickup and increase the output of the bridge while tightening the bottom end add some top end bite.

Based off of our Suspicion 2 late 50's voiced PAF, the High Noon pickups have more output and move the tonal pallet into the late 60's and early 70's where some of greatest rock tunes of all time where written.

Neck pickup has the mids of a P90 with a smooth warmth and roundness

Singing sustaining lead tone

Thick and crunchy rhythm tones

Bridge pickup has a tight bottom end and bity top end

Soaring lead tones and excellent


Punchy and thick rhythm, sounds great palm muted but not boomy.

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